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5 Best Advice in the Business

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Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.
Pablo Picasso

In the first few chapters, we spent time getting to know your dreams and goals. To make them a reality, we now need a solid plan and some good advice from people who do this work well.

To help you craft the right online marketing mix and to ensure that the conversations you start with your readers are effective, I tapped into the collective intelligence of book publishing professionals and asked: What is the one marketing tip you would give to authors? Here is what they said:

Know your readers: “Nothing works all the time, or for everyone. It’s important for authors to leave no stone unturned and consider how social media can work for them, but also important to consider the whole picture of getting the word out about their book and reaching readers. I’m sure there are examples of authors whose success is directly related to their social media strategy and efforts. But there also are authors whose success has come mostly without that. Without diving too deeply into it, I think there are different kinds of readers who use and don’t use social media in different ways. When there’s a match between an author’s efforts and the potential readers they are reaching, that can be magic. But when there isn’t, a lot of energy can go to waste. Things are always changing in the social media world. The best advice I can give is to write the best book you can and reassess your social media involvement/strategy often.”

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17. How Do I Get Out of This?

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How many of you find exiting an ongoing conversation fiendishly awkward? Everybody raised their hands? That’s what I thought.

We need to start at the beginning to appreciate the difficulty of this task. Notice how the big effort around starting small talk is on being positive, welcoming, warm, and helpful. It’s all smiles and nods among us. We are sending out approach signals:

• SOFTEN: Smile. Open posture. Forward lean. Touch. Eye Contact. Nod. (Chapter 12)

• ARE: Anchor, Reveal, Encourage (Chapter 5)

• There you are! (Chapters 2 and 11)

Then we develop the initial chat into conversation:

• Free information (Chapter 4)

• No orphans (Chapter 4)

• An “other” consciousness (Chapter 10)

And then . . . we make an exit.

The difficulty in terminating a conversation stems from the psychological discomfort of switching from positive social signals to what amounts to avoidance or rejection behavior. The party gets rough because we have to balance these opposing signals.

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3. Why Is “Talkin’ About Nothin' so Darned Hard?

Fleming, Carol Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub


So far you have learned that:

• Small talk is a light, pleasant, aimless verbal exchange that allows people the time and association to develop a sense of relationship. What is said is less important than the fact that we are actually saying anything to some particular person.

• There is no communication skill more important in the world than small talk.

• You love small talk. Yes, you do, as well you should. It is the music of our voices sounding in friendship.

• Small talk is the best cure for social anxiety. It is the one tool designed to turn scary “others” (Them) into friendly associates (Us).

• Shining the bright flashlight of your benign interest on others is the secret to transforming your self-consciousness into regard and respect for others.

• Your level of motivation and your persistence are the best predictors of your ability to challenge and change your communication habits.

You have also learned that what sounds so easy turns out not to be so. Let me count the ways!

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Medical Insurance

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As treatment costs rise, medical insurance becomes more necessary than ever.

On this page, you’ll work with the vocabulary of medical insurance.

A. Sometimes you can use synonyms (words that have similar

meanings) as context clues to help you figure out unfamiliar words. Notice the boldfaced term in the first sentence of each pair. Find and circle a synonym for that word in the second sentence. The first item has been done as a model.

1. When he moved to San Diego, Sam selected a new health care provider. He chose a doctor near his new home.

2. Sam’s employer paid most of his insurance premiums. Sam himself made monthly payments of $65.00.

3. When Sam gets a doctor’s bill, he mails a claim to his insurance company. When they receive his request, they pay the doctor.

4. Sam must show his ID card each time he gets medical treatment.

This credential gives information about his insurance plan.

5. Sam’s insurance plan has comprehensive coverage. It gives

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Communicating at Work

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It is important to communicate well with bosses and coworkers.

This lesson deals with the vocabulary of communication.

Read the following passage. Then, in each item below the passage, circle the letter of the correct meaning.

Use context clues from the passage for help.









Fadi worked hard as a welder at the sheet metal shop.

His boss, however, criticized his work. “You make mistakes, Fadi,” he said.

Fadi felt the criticism was unfair. He tried to make perfect welds, but instructions were often confusing. He took his grievance to the manager of human resources. “My boss needs to take more time to make himself clear,” Fadi explained to her.

The human resources manager brought Fadi and his boss together.

“Fadi,” she began, “has requested this meeting.” Then she encouraged Fadi to state his problem.

The boss listened. Then he responded. “Fadi, I think we can compromise. I’ll take more time with my explanations. Maybe I do expect people to read my mind! In return, Fadi, I’d like you to ask more questions. Your silence can cause a costly mistake.”

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