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17. Evaluating a Leadership Development Program: Caterpillar, Inc.

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Evaluating a Leadership Development Program


mize the near-term value of current assets but be prepared to make investments that take advantage of global opportunities.

This leadership challenge was not just to develop more leaders, it was to develop different leaders: leaders who epitomize collaboration, business acumen, and a global mind-set. Meeting this challenge to develop a new kind of leader also required new ways of thinking about leadership development.

Caterpillar has a rich history of growing its own leaders. In the

1970s and 1980s the annual management course at the Starved Rock

State Park in Illinois exposed leaders to the latest thinking about leading people and organizations.This course evolved into the Caterpillar

Advanced Management Program that prepared leaders to effectively expand Caterpillar’s business base.With the establishment of Caterpillar University and the College of Leadership in 2001, Caterpillar had an exciting new capability to develop leaders. Building a unified approach to leadership development across Caterpillar became the focus.

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8 Dealing with Setbacks

Blanchard, Ken Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Larry and Janice had just loaded the last of the dinner plates into the dishwasher when the doorbell rang.

“That’s Phil and Kelly,” said Larry, “right on time for dessert and decaf.”

Their good friends had been missing in action from the last few meetings of the Last-Minute Gang. When Janice called to follow up, Kelly explained they would be out of commission for a while because Phil was having some medical problems. Kelly hadn’t been specific, and Janice hadn’t pried.

“Welcome!” Janice said as she opened the door. Her smile turned to a look of surprise when she saw Phil. The man who had been one of the most vigorous people they knew was leaning on a walker. Kelly stood beside him, holding his arm protectively.

“Oh, my goodness, Phil. Are you okay? Is there anything we need to do for you?”

“No,” said Phil with a laugh. “Just watch me gimp over to a chair, and as soon as I’m settled, everything will be fine.”

Janice saw them into the living room, where a beverage and fruit tray had been set up. “How about some decaf and a fruit plate?” asked Janice.

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Chapter 14 Getting Honest Feedback

Eikenberry, Kevin; Turmel, Wayne Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Rule 14: Seek feedback to best serve outcomes, others, and ourselves.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

—Ken Blanchard, management expert and leadership author

Nicole wants to be an effective leader. She works hard, trying to keep up with the latest leadership practices. But all that effort sometimes leaves her frustrated and confused. She wants to know how she is doing and often second-guesses herself. At the end of the day, she doesn’t have a clear picture of how successful she is. This leaves her more than frustrated; it severely hampers her confidence too.

When you work apart from those you lead, you typically lack the instantaneous feedback needed to function at a high level. As leaders, if we don’t get regular, honest feedback from our people, it’s easy to get excited about the wrong things or ignore inconvenient facts. This can lead to everything from seeming foolish to making decisions that are doomed to fail. How many requests have you made of people that you would have changed or stopped if you could’ve seen the terrified look on the person’s face? In the conference room or on the shop floor you would see that look—but over the phone or in an email, not so much. What mechanisms exist to get the input needed to make good decisions?

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19. The Return—and Venturing Forth Again

Jaworski, Joseph Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

The incident outside the museum was a watershed in my life. It brought to my immediate attention the power of the principles that had been at play over the past eight years. By this time, my life was a series of connections with people. Making these synchronous connections had become a natural way of operating; in fact, I was unable to operate any other way. I began learning how to move with the unfolding order and to live out the principles, naturally.

Over time, I developed more sensitivity to the inner voice that was speaking to me. I found that I needed to have plenty of reflective time in order to allow the principles to operate. I did this by running early in the morning and taking time during the day, whenever I could, to reflect and listen. When I did, I found the attractiveness principle starting to operate on a regular basis in my life. In some ways, for me, it was an amazing state to live in. I had to do my work, treating it as my ultimate concern, and then simply wait expectantly in the warrior repose with acute awareness for the opportune moment—the “cubic centimeter of chance.” When the opportunity presented itself, I was required to move instantly without conscious premeditation.

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